Chapter Two

College and Departments of the University 

Today Charmo University includes (3) Colleges and , students obtain BSc and BA degrees in various fields of study.

The university includes two colleges as follows;

 1- College of Education

  Departments of College of Education

  1. Department of Education and Psychology (DEPS).
  2. Department of Kurdish Language (DKUR).
  3. Department of Arabic Language (DARB).
  4. Department of English language (DENG).
  5. Department of Physics (DPHY)
  6. Department of Special Education (DSPE )


 2- College of Public Administration and Natural Resource Management 

  1. Department of General Administration (DGAD).
  2. Department of Accounting (DACC).
  3. Department of Oil, Gas and Energy Management (DOGE)


 3- College of Basic Education 

  1. Department of Computer (DCMP).
  2. Department of General Science (DGSC).
  3. Department of Social Science-Evening (DSSE).
  4. Department of Kurdish Language-Evening (DKLE).
  5. Department of Arabic Language-Evening (DALE).
  6. Department of English language-Evening (DELE).

To provide the necessary teaching staff, the University also in accordance with Sulaimani and Saalahadeen University to provide seats for  MA, MSc and PhD degrees for the Charmo University students in different fields of study.